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2017 Summer Hairstyles

2017 summer hairstyles 1

2017 Summer Hairstyles

We’ve also pulled together all the best spring/ summer 2017 hair color trends, if you’re thinking of making a full switch. After that you’ll be able to see all of the big spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles, as well. Feel free to comment and let us know which are your favorites!
2017 summer hairstyles 1

2017 Summer Hairstyles

Of all the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles, the raining (pun intended) look is definitely wet looking hair. Rejoice all ye ladies who hate the blow dryer, because this style is super sleek and surprisingly easy to achieve. Simply comb your hair while it is still wet (either back, or with a side-part, another one of this season’s trends), and then pile on the gel and mousse for hold.
2017 summer hairstyles 2

2017 Summer Hairstyles

Another one of the easier spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles was the side ponytail! It is a little ‘80s, but not so much as to be tacky, and it lends a bit of interest to the otherwise kinda boring low ponytail. At Chanel, hairdresser Sam McKnight paired the models’ side ponytail for a side part, which worked really well with some sassy hats.
2017 summer hairstyles 3

2017 Summer Hairstyles

While for most of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles like this one they are likely too much, you can definitely try a more wearable version of it. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, and only then style it with gel. The effect would be graphic, clean, and modern, with just a touch of avant-garde.
2017 summer hairstyles 4

2017 Summer Hairstyles

Ashy – Ash is the winning shade of blonde, as far as the spring/ summer 2017 hair colors go. Many models on the runway sported mousy blonde and brown locks. It’s a great subtle take on the lighter hair shades, and it was certainly the most subdued of the 2017 hair colors. While we did see some of the eternally in vogue warmer blonde shades, cool ruled and we loved it.
2017 summer hairstyles 5

2017 Summer Hairstyles

The spring 2017 hairstyles would be nothing without a good curl trend. This year’s curls are big and bold. Curls are a really fun hair choice, especially when they’re done in a messier and more natural style, rather than previous seasons’ ultra clean bottleneck curls.
2017 summer hairstyles 6

2017 Summer Hairstyles

If summer 2016 was the season of the 90s, 2017 is ALL about the 80s. Hair stylist, Duffy, created a ‘dropped-out perm’ using a chopstick curling iron to create skinny spirals that he then misted with water to loosen. A sideways sweep or pineapple pony was added for even more nostalgia vibes.
2017 summer hairstyles 7

2017 Summer Hairstyles

15 of 60 Topshop Unique If summer 2016 was the season of the 90s, 2017 is ALL about the 80s. Hair stylist, Duffy, created a ‘dropped-out perm’ using a chopstick curling iron to create skinny spirals that he then misted with water to loosen. A sideways sweep or pineapple pony was added for even more nostalgia vibes.
2017 summer hairstyles 8

Topshop Unique If summer 2016 was the season of the 90s, 2017 is ALL about the 80s. Hair stylist, Duffy, created a ‘dropped-out perm’ using a chopstick curling iron to create skinny spirals that he then misted with water to loosen. A sideways sweep or pineapple pony was added for even more nostalgia vibes.
2017 summer hairstyles 9

The spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends are all about duality this season, with two warring camps. On one side we have the fierce yet severe stylists, with a tight comb and copious hair gel as their weapons, while on the other side we have the free spirits, with a bottle of texturizing spray and the teasing comb in their hands. If you are a prim and proper kind of woman, take note of the former, and keep your hair slicked back. If you’re a bit lazier, let the flyaways fly, regardless of whether you keep your hair loose or pull it back messily.
2017 summer hairstyles 10

Pastels – Extraordinary hair colors for spring/ summer 2017 leaned towards the pastel sides of things, with Australian model Fernanda Ly stealing the show with her glorious pastel pink locks. The pastel dreads on the Marc Jacobs catwalk stood out, as well, where we saw pale shades of pink, yellow, and blue – the color was nice, even if the styling was problematic.
2017 summer hairstyles 11

This is likely the most luxurious of the summer 2017 hairstyle trends – the big, voluminous updos, and semi updos! Going big with the hair (especially on the crown) is a great way of standing out this season. Show off a bombastic personality by simply grabbing the teasing comb and the hairspray, and going to town. What’s excellent is that we have all kinds of volumized styles this season, with some cleaner and sleeker looks, and others a little more messy and rough around the edges.
2017 summer hairstyles 12

The side part and the middle part were neck and neck for a bit, and certainly, the middle part is also one of the summer 2017 hairstyle trends. However, the side part is edging out its competitor, with a lot of clean, sleek examples of this look ruling the runway.
2017 summer hairstyles 13

As I said, the middle part is still here as one of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends – so don’t worry if you just changed your part last year, and weren’t ready to let go yet. In a lot of the shows, we saw a combination of both types of parts.
2017 summer hairstyles 14

By Harper's Bazaar Staff Jan 6, 2017 It doesn’t matter if you have waves, curls, or straight hair—just get ready to screenshot. These are the trending spring and summer haircuts to show your stylist at your next appointment. View Gallery 10 Photos 1 of 10 2 of 10 3 of 10 4 of 10 5 of 10 6 of 10 7 of 10 8 of 10 9 of 10 10 of 10 1 of 10 Cara Delevingne The thinned-out ends of this long lob gives straight hair tons of texture and movement. 2 of 10 Alanna Arrington Bangs with curls is totally possible—just look at Victoria’s Secret model Alanna Arrington’s signature chop. 3 of 10 Kendall Jenner This medium-length chop has blunt ends that have been lightly textured. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 4 of 10 Gina Rodriguez Rodriguez wears a sleek, asymmetrical bob with blunt ends. 5 of 10 Hailey Baldwin The modern Rachel chop is a longer and messier, but it still has those signature flipped layers. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 6 of 10 Jessica Biel The perfect chop for wavy hair: Biel’s Birkin-esque bangs looks chic and take away weight. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 7 of 10 Felicity Jones Heavy fringe with lots of layers is a great haircut idea for those with seriously thick hair. 8 of 10 Olivia Munn Olivia Munn’s layered lob is still long enough to pull back into a ponytail. 9 of 10 Taraji P. Henson One of the easiest haircuts to style is this center-parted blunt bob. All you need is a flat iron and your hair is instantly chic. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 10 of 10 Kerry Washington With precise layers and a defined center-part, this voluminous bob for curly-haired women is a beautiful no-brainer. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Next The Best Celebrity Hair Transformations of 2016 Skip Ad Advertisement – Continue Reading Below
2017 summer hairstyles 15

For many, the wet hairstyle trends of spring/ summer 2017 are a little extreme, but rest assured that sleek is much more wearable and just as popular this season. Just a touch of mousse and a comb are all you’ll need to achieve this take on the prisoners hair trend.

One of the softer and more feminine spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends was the low slung braided bun. This is an excellent hairstyling choice for special events, and we suspect it might even end up as a go-to wedding hair choice. It is easy to achieve, and has a timeless, romantic feel.
2017 summer hairstyles 17

Almost as though to counteract the more clean and severe hair trends of spring/ summer 2017, many designers decided instead to celebrate the messy style. Models all over the runway looked as though they hadn’t seen a hairbrush in months – sometimes with just messy, loose hair, while others sported messy updos.
2017 summer hairstyles 18

We saw a few different takes on bangs this season, but our favorite of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends has to be the really edgy, and kind of messy looking bangs. Whether it was the way they were cut, or because of the styling, the effect was a little cute and a lot punk rock.
2017 summer hairstyles 19

There are so many ways to wear bangs. They can be cut straight across, volumized, angled, or just swept off to the side. In addition to getting happy with the feathering scissors, we also saw some crazier bang. The bangs of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends included a ton of creativity!
2017 summer hairstyles 20

Depending on how they’re styled, French and Dutch braids can convey a lot of different images – that is why it is not surprising that they are featured as one of the leading spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends. Some stylists took the braids to a more urban place by channeling cornrows, while others created a more prim and proper look.
2017 summer hairstyles 21

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2017 summer hairstyles 22

While 2016’s most popular looks were all about throwback styles — like the high-top fade and the Gatsby bob — in 2017, we’re looking to the future. According to celebrity hairstylist and creator of Ouai hair care Jen Atkin and Tresemmé stylist Jeanie Syfu, this year will be about making subtle tweaks to what you’ve already got. This is the year to go for those layers or test-drive some eye-grazing bangs — which is perfect for those out there who are afraid of a major chop.Advertisement

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