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May, 2017

Hairstyles 2017

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Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Hair Present-day long hairstyles look nonchalant and slightly messy. These are performed on the base of long shag haircuts, adding layering and texture to your gorgeous long tresses. Long curly hairstyles do not seem too bulky thanks to long flowing layers. Long Mohawks make your look sharper and edgier even […]

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Medium Natural Curly Hairstyles

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When you confused about short or long lovely hair, you can try these beautiful 35 Medium Length Curly Hair Styles ideas. This awesome chic medium cuts, you can look most beautiful and stylish. Medium cuts totally fix with curly-wavy hair type. You love the thick hair, medium curly hairstyles will best idea for you. So […]

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Short Hairstyles For Fat Women

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Hairstyles for Chubby Women How the right haircut can make heavy women look slimmer! Has life dealt you with an extra chin whenever you smile? Do your eyes disappear when you laugh? Are you shocked with the discovery that when you stand up straight, you no longer can see your shoes, but your tummy and […]

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Monica Short Hairstyles

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After having a long haircut, Monica had turned to get medium length haircuts before reaching the short haircuts. Okay, I hear you asking what were those medium hairstyles??!! Monica has worn the straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the asymmetrical bob hairstyles, the angled bob hairstyles and the blunt bob hairstyles.. But as we’ll know both those […]

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Easy Bun Hairstyles

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A good compliment can really brighten your day. In fact, it can still bring a smile to your face days, weeks, months — years? — after it was given to you. And the more sincere the flattery is, the longer it sticks.While my ultimate motivation behind dressing up and spending time on my hair, nails […]

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Mohawk Hairstyles

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PrevNext1Curly hawk Rihanna’s short hairstyles, especially this Mohawk, brought her to the forefront of edgy celebrity style, and she’s been a fashion article mainstay ever since. The perfect mixture of glamour and edge, this short Mohawk features big curls and shaved tapered sides.2Braided Mohawk Teyana Taylor’s funky Mohawk has hair in cornrows on the sides […]

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Short Length Hairstyles

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A short haircut does not indicate one particular cut, because the lengths of various short haircuts vary. To make it simpler one can divide the lengths into three different categories, namely: super short, jaw length and chin length fashions. Short haircuts are adjustable and with some added color you can sport a chic and graceful […]

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1920 Women’s Hairstyles

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1920’s Fashion History Facts for Women: The Short Bob HairstyleThe short bob hair cut and style symbolized the independent and modern woman of the 1920’s. There were several different bob hairstyles including the ‘Dutch boy’ bob, the Eton Crop, the ‘Marcel wave’, the Castle Bob and the ‘Shingle’ bob cut that contributed to 1920’s Fashion. […]

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Middle Part Weave Hairstyles

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Update your current hairstyle with a beautiful, fashionable new weave inspired by our 50 Best Black Weave Hairstyles! Weave hairstyles are versatile, low maintenance, and stylish, making them a great option if you’re looking for a refreshing change from natural hairstyles. Get ideas from the fabulous hairstyles of popular black female celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, […]

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Braid Hairstyles For Girls

PrevNext1Braided Ballerina Bun This adorable braided ballerina bun features spiraled box braids in the front and simple cornrows in the back. Because the braids will stay in pace for several days to weeks, the only part of this style that requires daily maintenance is the bun.2Fishbone cornrows Adding some extra flair and texture, these cornrows […]

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