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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

bob sew in hairstyles 1

Bob Sew In Hairstyles

Most black women opt to use sew-ins mostly because it enables their natural hair to grow out while others go for different sew-in styles as a protective style especially during harsh weather conditions. Black women are lucky when it comes to trying out different hairstyles since their tough healthy hair aligns perfectly when it comes to sew-in styles. Sew-ins are actually a form of weave for the hair that you can actually sew into your hair rather than glue onto your scalp. The sew-ins hairstyles are sewed in onto cornrows braids against the scalp or weave cap. They are impeccable and many black women prefer them to wigs since only a few people can tell them apart from natural hair. The latest and hottest sew-in hairstyle is the vixen sew-in followed closely by another popular one known as the versatile sew-in. Whether you prefer your hair Curly, straight, thick or thin there sure is a perfect sew-in hairstyle out there for you. Here are 50 amazing sew-in hairstyles to inspire you.
bob sew in hairstyles 1

Bob Sew In Hairstyles

If you are unfamiliar with what exactly a sew-in weave is, it is hair extensions that are sewn to your existing hair. Your hair is braided down in a certain pattern (depending on the desired look) and the hair extensions are sewn to the braids. You can sew directly on the braid or put a net on and sew through it. For a more realistic looking sew-in, leaving some of your hair out in the front, top or the sides is often recommended. So, if you are eager to try a stylish new hairstyle, but don’t have the necessary length or thickness, feel free to try out some of the fabulous sew-in hairstyles on this list. They are SEW hot!!
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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

As many women know, sew in weaves are a great way to switch up your style. Whether you’re looking to add some color, length, or even rock a short cut, weaves offer a limitless amount of variety. Sew-ins are the most popular weaving option, as it offers a great deal of protection for your actual hair underneath since the weave will be sewn in as opposed to glued or fused to the hair. So whether you’re looking for a new style without the damage or commitment, or you’re looking to let your hair rest for a while, here are 25 great sew-in hairstyles to consider.
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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

Sleek, sew-in hairstyles like this natural looking Bob, showcase the beauty and precision of an expertly cut and styled sew-in. This looks even better because of its wine red coloring.
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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

If you’ve wanted to see how you’d look with short hair or a bob without having to commit to actually cutting your hair, installing a sew-in is a great option. Although most weaves are done in order to accomplish additional length or body, some women opt to turn to them for the exact opposite. If you’re thinking of trying a shorter style, here are a few sew-ins to consider.
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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

Voluminous, sexy and totally camera-ready, this full head sew-in features long black locks. Punctuated by a deep side part, swoop bang and mountains of curls, sew-in hairstyles like this will definitely turn heads.
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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

Short sew in hairstyles had better be sassy. Right?! This glossy, shiny bob has perfect layering in the bang pieces, which are grazed with purple. The lavender and purple peekaboo strands are especially pretty done on the glossy black base.
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Bob Sew In Hairstyles

For a full head of a sew ins with tons of volume, opt for tight curls. This sew in weave is almost all one length, which gives a lot of fullness to the style. Every other day, spritz your curls with a conditioning spray to keep them defined.
bob sew in hairstyles 8

Try blending your blond hair with some pink hues. This style is unique, urban, modern and extremely chic. Do not be afraid to pull this off, celebrities like ciara have tried it and it looks gorgeous. Sew-ins come in handy when you want to try out a crazy color.
bob sew in hairstyles 9

A great thing about hair and the various styles that you can create with it, is that you don’t necessarily have to have the length, thickness and texture of your dreams to achieve a certain look. In the case of this round-up, it’s all about the beauty, functionality and versatility of hair extensions, specifically sew-ins.
bob sew in hairstyles 10

There is something incredibly sexy about hair that is all swept to one side, even when you have a full head sew-in like this one. Here, long red hair is amped up with beautiful large waves placed throughout and finished with bangs that are expertly sculpted as a perfect swoop.
bob sew in hairstyles 11

Here’s a partial sew-in, where hair has only been added to the crown of the head, leaving the middle and nape completely free. This is a great option for women who are looking to add a little more fullness to the crown area.
bob sew in hairstyles 12

This curly sew in is so classy. The raspberry hue is very appealing in this shade, and it will add a ton of personality to your everyday style. The large, supple, sexy waves are too good to be true, but they do look real, and perfect.
bob sew in hairstyles 13

A lot of women get sew-in weaves in order to experiment with different hair colors without risking the damage to their actual hair. This gives them the freedom to switch colors without much effort, stress or maintenance. If you’re interested in trying out different coloring with your styles, here are few looks to consider.
bob sew in hairstyles 14

For a full head of sew ins that looks natural, go for short or medium length hair. Especially since lobs are in right now, you have one more reason to look fashionable and spent less on maintenance. When styling, give extra attention to the natural hair at the hairline.
bob sew in hairstyles 15

This middle part sew in creates a soft, feminine look. The key is to go for curls and waves that are perfectly imperfect. To style, you can use a large barrel curling iron and then separate the curls with your fingers. Next tease and brush a few pieces randomly.
bob sew in hairstyles 16

Bleaching the crown of your sew-in blonde will give it great contrast and dimension. Set the weave on perm rods or flex rods, dip them into boiled water, unravel and let them dry before sewing the hair in if you’re looking to achieve this style.
bob sew in hairstyles 17

Sew ins can work with a variety of haircuts. This modern lob is totally on point—asymmetrical, razored layers paired with a deep side part. To style it, blow dry the flat side downward with a flat brush, but use a round brush when blowing out the full side.
bob sew in hairstyles 18

African American women are very fond of sew-ins that are voluminous, but natural-looking at the same time. Such as this one you see in this picture. These large blonde curls are gorgeous, but very realistic looking.
bob sew in hairstyles 19

So pretty! We love this natural, modern bob because of the fantastic razored layers and steep angles. To keep it looking this great after you leave the salon, you’ll need to restyle it after every wash. The hair will be mostly straight, but for sleek locks, it’s best to blow-dry instead of air dry. Then use a straightener to flip up the front pieces.
bob sew in hairstyles 20

Pretty, polished perfection is the best way to describe this simply gorgeous Bob. With a stunning, angled precision cut and thick, straight across bangs, you are sure to get tons of compliments when you are rocking this look.
bob sew in hairstyles 21

Long hairstyles for black women look beautiful in warm shades, such as caramel and honey blonde. To keep it super modern and fresh, show off the dark roots. Make sure to watch how your stylist works with the baby hairs at the front so you can repeat that on wash days.

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