Hairstyles Ideas


Faux Locs Hairstyles

faux locs hairstyles 1

There’s a lot to be said for faux locs – they give you the opportunity to play around with so many more styles without needing to put in all that time and effort of actually growing them. If you’ve been toying with the idea of faux locs for a while, or are just looking for […]

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Regency Hairstyles

regency hairstyles 1

What is the ORS? The Oregon Regency Society is a collection of diverse souls who all share a common obsession with the English Regency. Our group consists of Jane Austen fanatics, English Country and Regency Dancers, Historic Reenactors, Costumers, artisans and craftsfolk, Regency Romance addicts and so much more.Our activities include regency balls, parties, teas, […]

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Bohemian Hairstyles

bohemian hairstyles 1

What you find common in most bohemian hairstyles is the braided look. Whether it is a tight braid wrapped around your head, or simple braids pinned up and out of your face, the braids create that perfect magic. It does not matter whether you have a long, medium-length, or short hairstyle, braids are fun when […]

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Fifties Hairstyles

fifties hairstyles 1

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the ladies above say it all. 1950s fashion – hairstyles were soft and curly. Straight hair was out. Short hair was in.Young women often tied their hair back in a ponytail and circled it with a pretty chiffon scarf. But this would have been for casual activities […]

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Mohawk Hairstyle For Black Ladies

mohawk hairstyle for black ladies 1

PrevNext1Curly hawk Rihanna’s short hairstyles, especially this Mohawk, brought her to the forefront of edgy celebrity style, and she’s been a fashion article mainstay ever since. The perfect mixture of glamour and edge, this short Mohawk features big curls and shaved tapered sides.2Braided Mohawk Teyana Taylor’s funky Mohawk has hair in cornrows on the sides […]

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Braided Little Girl Hairstyles

braided little girl hairstyles 1

PrevNext1Braided Ballerina Bun This adorable braided ballerina bun features spiraled box braids in the front and simple cornrows in the back. Because the braids will stay in pace for several days to weeks, the only part of this style that requires daily maintenance is the bun.2Fishbone cornrows Adding some extra flair and texture, these cornrows […]

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Plus Size Hairstyles

plus size hairstyles 1

Flattering Short Cuts for Plus Sizes When looking at a haircut for a plus size woman, one must look at the total person. Talk to your hair stylist to find the best styles for your specific type of hair, taking into consideration its overall appearance, as well as its condition, texture and the length you […]

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Rockabilly Hairstyle

rockabilly hairstyle 1

Rockabilly music style was first invented in USA in the early 1950’s. It was a mix between rock and hillbilly music popular during those times. Rockabilly music immediately became very popular. The contemporary stars right away switched to singing rockabilly-style songs. At the same time men and women of that era started sporting rockabilly star images. […]

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Prom Hairstyles For Medium Hair

prom hairstyles for medium hair 1

Formal Half-Up Hairstyle 1 / 40 Share Pin It Twist Me Pretty Show off your beautiful face with this fab half-up, half-down prom hairstyle by Twist Me Pretty. Created by knotting individual strands together, the result looks effortless, and it’ll definitely photograph well from all angles. The Friendship Knot 2 / 40 Share Pin It […]

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Asap Rocky Hairstyle

asap rocky hairstyle 1

PrevNext1ASAP Rocky Ponytail With Loose Braids Wearing his signature braids pulled back away from his face, ASAP Rocky’s braided style has been front and centre for many of his modelling gigs. Fashion houses like Dior and DKNY are huge fans of the rapper’s unique look, and you’re just as likely to see his style in […]

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