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Cool Hairstyles For School

cool hairstyles for school 1

Cool Hairstyles For School

Perfect both for school and a fancy occasion, this style is a combination of a four-strand braid and a low bun. Cool hairstyles for girls don’t necessarily need to be complicated – sometimes a traditional hairdo works best. This updo is especially convenient because when it gets messier, it looks even more charming.
cool hairstyles for school 1

Cool Hairstyles For School

And, certainly, in your age your hairstyle shouldn’t be high-maintenance. With school and other activities you have to be constantly on the go. So better choose a flattering haircut that you can easily style at home with a comb, blow-dryer and a minimum of styling products. Additionally, shop around or do yourself some cute hair accessories to personalize your style. Below you will see a gallery of easy hairstyles for school for teenage girls – some vivid and low-maintenance solutions you can embrace or draw inspiration from to create your own fun and eye-catching looks.
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Cool Hairstyles For School

A hairstyle for a busy teen should be cute and stylish yet easy to do. The following hairstyles from teenage blend style, creativity and glamour. No matter what type or length of hair you have, you’ll get a couple of cool ideas here!
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Cool Hairstyles For School

Instead of a chunky braid, which has a more bohemian vibe, small cornrows provide edge to a basic loose look. Worn by ‘it girls’ like Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora, cornrows are definitely one of the most popular cool hairstyles for girls this year.
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Cool Hairstyles For School

The majority of side messy hairstyles for teens are always “wow”, trendy and really cool when you pair them with asymmetrically cut dresses, tanks or blouses. These gorgeous curls are scrunched, nonchalantly swept to one side and secured with a thin braided headband.
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Cool Hairstyles For School

Being a teenager it’s hard to look improper. Whether you opt to rock a half-shaved punk style, a razor haircut or an Emo look, that’s all fine, as long as you are a teenager. 12-18 y.o is the best period for experiments, changes of styles and trying on new extraordinary looks. Most people don’t ever feel again as much freedom in self-expression as they did when they were teenagers. We’ll give you a few bright ideas on simple hairstyles for short, medium and long hair you can wear to school or in your free time.
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Cool Hairstyles For School

Hairstyles for teens don’t have to be difficult – although sometimes they can look beautifully complicated. A waterfall braid takes a few practice sessions, but in general it’s quite easy to complete. It’s a popular hairstyle right now, especially with high school and college students.
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Cool Hairstyles For School

Adorn your hair with flowers. While a full-on flower crown may be better suited for Coachella than math class, you can still incorporate flowers into your everyday looks. Pick up a flower clip and place it to the side of your head. Or pin your hair to the side and tuck in a silk flower. Stick to medium-sized flowers for a school-appropriate look. When using flowers, place them near hair pins so you don’t have too much going on at the same time. Some headbands have flower detailing, so that’s a cute way to incorporate an element of nature into your school-day as well.
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Everything old is new again, for example the hippie hairstyle of the mid-sixties is now embraced as a common music festival look. While flowing waves and flower crowns are sweet and retro, you can upgrade your cute hairstyles with a modern messy braid.
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Festival fashion is very popular among young ladies, and here’s one of the best festival hairstyles for teenage girls. With a colorful flower crown and triangle braid detail, this will make her feel like she is at Coachella even if she is too young to go.
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To help make the struggle a bit more bearable (and hopefully avoid the tears), the five hairstyles below are kid-tested and approved. They’re beautiful, functional and can be created in minutes for a special-occasion day. No cosmetology license required!
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Mid-length hairstyles are all the rage right now! This super hot, shoulder-grazing hairstyle is brought up on the wild scale with an unconventional color. The dark brown roots contrast with the raw blonde ends awesomely. Don’t forget to add long, thick bangs for another touch of drama.
cool hairstyles for school 12

If you’re tired of traditional braids, this is a really cool alternative. It takes a lot of time and effort, but if done correctly, it can last all day – perhaps even into the next. This hairstyle doesn’t just look pretty, it will serve well to keep hair out of your face, as you are going through your busy schedule.
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Part Queen Elsa, part punk rebel, this intricate Mohawk-inspired hairdo is super cool – it laughs in the face of any mundane ponytail. Pair it with today’s trendy gray hair color for a truly unique look that won’t be duplicated.

Enjoy wearing your locks free-flowing? Braid the section above your forehead to keep those locks from falling into your face. Stop on the crown and finish the braid with a careless knot. This works well even on shorter locks and thin hair, which means it’s one of the rare styles that are truly available to every girl. Plus, it looks really cool as a bonus.
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If you need a flirty style for long hair for your next school dance or special occasion, this is a worthy option. A regal flower crown can seem a bit overdone for semi-formal events, so add few small buds for a whimsical touch.
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Go natural with short hair. Short, curly hair can be tricky to work with, so sometimes, the best thing you can do is let it take its natural course. Wash it before you go to school and apply a curl-enhancing cream or mousse. Define your curls by twirling them with your fingers as you let your hair air-dry.
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Try hair clips or barrettes. Clips give you lots of easy, versatile options to work with for the school day. A big jaw clip can keep longer hair out of your face if styled into a bun or ponytail, while a pretty barrette can be used to tuck your hair behind your head. If you have short hair, you can still use hair clips. For example, if you have bangs, you could part them to one side or swoop them up and secure them with cute mini claws. A banana barrette can be used to clip your ponytail vertically so that accessory is visible from the side. Don’t forget the almighty bobby pins. They may get lost easily, but if you need to secure a bun, there’s no better choice.
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This adorable lob is the perfect back to school haircut! This thick and full hairstyle is cut a few inches past the chin and is colored with an edgy violet hue. Even if you choose to go with a safer, more natural color choice, this haircut is so on trend right now and will be a true head-turner on campus.
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This sweet, pulled back hairstyle is great for those hot, back to school days. A thick braid with lots of volume is a  super pretty hairstyle for girls with long hair.

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