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Long Bob Hairstyles

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Long Bob Hairstyles

Bobs are iconic for a whole host of reasons. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, for example, and Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. It’s a 21st century look often sported by spirited and passionate women, those who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and opt for short locks rather than luscious long ones. If you need a hand finding your next haircut, you’ve come to the right place. 1. Chocolate Brown Lob Haircut with Layers Keeping length at the front is very flattering for most face shapes, and those slightly highlights created with a balayage or hand blended method, really tops the entire design. Instagram / cassderosa It’s beautiful, manageable and super fashionable too. It ticks all the boxes. 2. Blonde Balayage Lob And for those that aren’t a fan of dark hair, what about this one? A stunning blonde balayage lob which uses an ombré idea – hand panting from dark to light before styling with those wide ringlet curls. Instagram / hdresseronfire If you’ve ever wanted to go lighter, summer is definitely the time to do it and let’s face it, short hair is always cooler and easier when the temperatures are at their hottest. 3. Straight, Angled Lob Haircut The best thing about these gorgeous long bob hairstyles is that they are as super simple as they look. Massive impact with not that much work necessary to keep it looking like that. This straight, angled lob haircut is easily recreated in the morning with hair straighteners and some smoothing serum. Instagram / loveisinthehair_byjanet You can keep the face framing layers long to really soften the look, or opt for something blunt and edgy. That’s the good news – the choice is yours. And boy is there plenty to choose from! 4. Lob Haircut for Thick Hair Thicker hair can benefit from high and lowlights in much the same way that thinner hair can, especially with these touseled waves. Instagram / chloeward_hair Keep the layers at different lengths, and ask your stylist to thin out your hair before adding lighter lowlights and a few highlights. It will help to lighten out the bulk of your hair, a big problem for those wanting to go for the chop with thick hair. 5. Curly, Angled Lob Cut + Caramel Balayage A sharp bob is often too sharp and intense for some women. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is well known for her rounded business-bob, a blunt edge and super straight without a single hair out of place. Instagram / hairbyelena We love this curly, angled lob cut, completed with a caramel balayage over the top to bring it all together. Just because you’re going for a short look doesn’t mean it can’t still be cute and girly. 6. Blonde Sombre Lob Sombre hair, in case you didn’t know, is ombre hair but softer – the softer ombre. Clever name right? Instagram / habitsalon It’s a very clever way of incorporating that ombre gradient but on a much more natural level, so you can barely make out the various shades individually. 7. Layered Lob Haircut + Honey Blonde Balayage Highlights January Jones recently opted for a beautiful honey coloured lob, just grazing her shoulders. This is a similar look, and one that can be work in a number of ways. Instagram / alenm Even changing the parting from centre to side (or vice versa) can make the difference. 8. Blonde Ombre Lob Beyoncé is another fan of the lob look of late, opting for a balayage ombré in her design, much like you can see here. Instagram / studiobhairdesigns As far as long bob hairstyles go, we think this one combined with those colours might just be our favourite. Do you have a favourite yet? 9. Curly Lob +  Caramel Balayage Highlights Rose Byrne was another lovely Hollywood lady to go for the chop recently, trimming her tresses to a shoulder-skimming bin with a dark roots and slightly fed tinged but caramel blonde ends. Instagram / kellymccormickhair It’s cute, girlie and sophisticated. Did we mention super quick to style? 10. Messy Lob Hairstyle + Ice Blonde Balayage Highlights Short hair can really be a brave choice for women who are used to rocking long locks, so opt for a long bob (or lob) to make the transition a little easier. Instagram / romeufelipe If you love it, you could always trim / cut it shorter and shorter. You can always cut more hair off, but you can’t add hair back on when you don’t like the cut.
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Long Bob Hairstyles

Updated December 03, 2016. A big trend in hair is the long bob, not long hair, not short hair, but cut somewhat blunt and just above the shoulders. Here are the rules of getting this coveted hairstyle:1. Longer bobs can be bland if too blunt. Stacked layers in the back add dimension.2. A bob can't be too layered, or it's not a bob. You will get a more edgy look if you ask the stylist to thin out the ends with scissors or a razor. 3. Ask the stylist to make your bob a touch shorter in the back.4. This cut works on straight and wavy hair. It's a versatile cut because you can wear it wavy or flat-ironed. 
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Long Bob Hairstyles

And here you have it. By the end of this article, you should have an idea for easy lob haircuts and long bob hairstyles to suit your personality, comfort zone, and needs. Bobs have come a long way since they were mostly worn by older moms–these days they are quite on trend and are worn by many celebrities. Anyone of any age can wear them as long as you experiment with different cuts and styles. And you can find more lob hairstyles on
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The long bob is always a classic cut, but this season we’re taking it to a whole new level.  Curls, asymmetric cuts, deep parts, waves — the options are endless! The best part? Long bob hairstyles and haircuts are so easy to style and wear anywhere. Find a style to try, wear it, rock it, and be ready to say “thank you” for all the compliments it will bring!

Long bob hairstyles can sometimes get extra long, but they don’t lose their sexy shape and inimitable appeal. This adorable extra long lob proves just that, mixing sweet, face-framing balayage highlights with a wavy texture within a long asymmetrical style.
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In this picture, Halle Berry has a long bob hairstyle that's flattering to her bone structure. She doesn't have angular features, but the bob makes her soft face seem stronger.
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Brooklyn Decker's sophisticated long bob is a terribly sexy version of the bob. She parts the hair just off to the side and the cut is at an angle — a tad shorter in back than in front. Her naturally thick hair has been thinned out most likely with a razor and the ends are wispy thanks to a razor, too. Her hair is flat-ironed to sleek perfection.What you need for this look:A large, rounded brush (don't curl the ends too far under, lest you end up looking like an 80's throwback). A decent flat iron.A gloss spray for after you iron. Bumble and Bumble's shine spray gets high marks in the industry.
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This is an angled, one-length, razor cut long bob. My favorite thing about this look is how it can still be considered a classic bob even though it has a more modern look to it.
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With the front of your hair being a couple of inches longer than the bob part in the back, this should be fairly easy to be comfortable with. It’s not too long and it’s not too short. It will almost look as if you’re not really wearing a bob at all. And it looks on trend, too!
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Just because your hair is naturally flat, doesn’t mean that sporting a long bob with bangs will emphasize that texture. Rather, bob cuts with ever-so-light, face-framing layers (in addition to blunt-cut bangs) can help highlight your facial features and provide pure dimension.
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Sleek, posh and structured, this long bob cut with gentle babylights is the perfect transition style for any individual looking to go shorter while still enjoying a manageable length. It curls at the ends just like the classic bob, but the length lets you wear it both loose and in different chic updos.
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This straight bob is one of our favorite styles. Long side bangs highlight the cheekbones and give it a sexy, flirty look. The caramel color with dark under layers gives the style dimensionality—elevating it way above your average bob. After blowing out to create the shape, straighten and perfect.
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Long bob hairstyles are very popular right now, especially since they work with virtually any hair type. Straight or curly, thick or thin – a lob can be manipulated into a beautiful finished product on any head.
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Long bob hairstyles can work for any occasion that life may throw your way. They showcase a confident look that does not require much maintenance. The best part is that you can still rock a ponytail, which is definitely important for busy women today. Whatever your preference is, there is a perfect haircut here for any woman.

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