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Long Face Hairstyles

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Long Face Hairstyles

1. Find the Right Cut for Your Face Shape The perfect haircut is more than just a few snips! Before booking a salon appointment, determine your face shape so you’ll know exactly what to ask for. You can do this at home by breaking out a ruler and measuring the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jawline, and the length of your face from forehead to chin. If you have an oval face like Ashley Greene, the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal, but if yours is round like Charlize Theron’s, your face is nearly as wide as it is long, with your forehead and jaw curving at the corners. People with heart-shaped faces like Halle Berry have a wide brow and narrow jaw, but if the length and width of your face is equal, you have a square face like Olivia Wilde. We put together a list of our favorite hairstyles every shape-click through to get inspired!
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Long Face Hairstyles

Every face is unique. Its features, proportions and shape condition the choice of acceptable hairdos. Hairstyles for long faces are not a big problem. Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Hilary Swank, Kelly Reilly for instance, have oblong faces and always look gorgeous. If you know what kind of hairstyles to choose to flatter your physical parameters, you may make your long face appear perfectly oval or at least extremely charming and sweet. With the following 60 hairstyles you will never have a single doubt about whether you look gorgeous.
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Long Face Hairstyles

So, here is a summary of the main tricks that help to correct an oblong face shape: horizontal bangs, curls, layered haircuts, asymmetric ‘dos with volume on the sides of your face, bob haircuts and hairstyles with volume at the ends. Only you can decide whether you want to approximate your face to the classic proportions or bring out your individuality. Now you know what styles work the best for your special face shape. Try not to ignore these important rules, seek for balance and be ready to receive tons of compliments as a reward.
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Long Face Hairstyles

When it comes to haircuts for long face shapes, the aim of the game is to balance things out, to soften your angles and make your face look rounder and more oval in shape. You don’t want anything super harsh that accents the length of your face. Fringes are great at shorting face lenght, but you need to get the cut just right. Soft curls and waves in longer hair will lift your features, and upping the volume of your hair at the sides will give the illusion of a shorter face shape.
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Long Face Hairstyles

I want to point out that the long face is an AMAZING one for bangs. Like I've been saying, the whole point of bangs is to help make your face appear more oval and to bring out your eyes. Well, guess what? Because bangs fall right at the middle of your face, they naturally aid in creating that horizontal line that you want to widen a long face. (That is, unless you make one of the bang mishaps I'll get to later.)
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Long Face Hairstyles

Achieving a more oval, neutral appearance is the goal of every face shape, and here the mission is to make a long face appear wider. Check out these short hairstyles for long faces that are perfectly flattering.
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Long Face Hairstyles

This beautiful haircut is great for a long face shape, because it rounds out the face with nice twists and waves. With this face shape, it’s best to have some volume on the sides of your face, and mid-length bouncy waves are a very good solution.
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Long Face Hairstyles

Contrary to popular belief, there are so many short hairstyles that flatter a long face. No matter what length you are going for, just remember that the goal is simply to make the face appear wider. Have fun!
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With an oblong face, you should shy away long sleek tresses along the sides of your face, dragging it down. Instead, give your preference to voluminous medium-length hairstyles, like Violante Placido’s bob. The right length, slightly curled edges and volume towards the ends are exactly what you need.

With a long face you can wear your hair long, but it should be styled in curls, in order not to drag your face down. For this look, you will only need a few things: bobby pins, some hair spray and a little patience. Some women prefer using curling irons to shape curls, but if you don’t want to damage your hair systematically, you can simply create multiple buns before going to sleep. In the morning you‘ll get some pretty curls. The girl in the image decided to pull her loose strands back, with a few bobby pins. She managed to frame her face perfectly and avoid the elongating effect.
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If you have an oval or oblong-shaped face, chances are you’ve been told that you have one hair option—long and straight—for most of your life. Though the right cut is the key to balancing out your features, when it comes to hairstyles for long faces, you have way more options than the traditional sleek and mane-like ‘do.
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This feminine pixie is perfect for women with longer face shapes who enjoy short hair! A full piecey fringe with longer sideburns help frame the face, bringing attention to the center of the face and eyes. Additionally, volume in the crown helps add width to the face giving the illusion of fuller cheeks.

There are some visual examples below, but the main thing here is to understand the principles of how lines and textures in hairstyles may correct your oblong face. If you catch the idea, you will be able to adjust your favorite hairstyle to the shape of your face, so that it appears maximally flattering for you personally. So let’s see how it works.
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Sometimes women with long face shapes feel they should try short hair because long hair can drag their faces down. But long layers styled in soft waves definitely work to your benefit, creating volume on the sides of your face. In fact, they are universally flattering.
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Cut Bangs Bangs like Christa B. Allen’s help break up a long face shape, but be mindful of the length. The most flattering proportions divide the face into thirds, Howse says. A fringe that falls a third of the way down your face will balance your features.
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13/25 If you’ve got long hair, take inspiration from Claudia Schiffer’s feathered, long fringe that creates a face-flattering silhouette. A classic and timeless style like this can complement your face and is so versatile.
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– Avoid excessive volume on top, long straight tresses along your face, especially without bangs, high ponytails or other high updos and layer-free long styles. If you do not like full-on layers, ask your stylist to layer only the tresses that frame your face in order to escape a drawing-down effect.
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It’s not very easy for women with long faces to choose a flattering haircut that they feel comfortable with, but Jennie Garth has succeeded. Her chin-length A-line bob is a universal base for quick stylish hairstyles, and it suits long faces.
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Side-swept baby bangs: Here's another example of baby bangs, this time on Sarah Jessica Parker. These were a short-lived hair experiment in 2008, so I take it she didn't love 'em. I don't think they're terrible, but if you compare to the longer side-swept bangs on Molly Sims or Kelly Reilly, you can see how they'd do more to soften SJP's face than these short ones. Note that Sarah now tends to use her curls, instead of bangs, to widen her face—so that's a good technique, too, if you're naturally curly. The widest part of the curly hairstyle should be right in the middle of the face.
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– You can always reduce the length of your face at the expense of your forehead. If it’s covered with bangs, the line of the hair growth is not visible, and your face appears shorter. Blunt cut straight or slightly slanting bangs work good, so do waves pushed on the forehead. When considering the ideal length for your bangs, keep in mind proportions. When bangs take 1/3 of the face length, it’s believed to be the best possible proportion.
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An oval face is the holy grail of face shapes because it can virtually wear any hairstyle. To create a hairstyle with some structure and sharp lines, try a blunt haircut that stops right below the ears. Because of the bangs cutting the length of the forehead with a diagonal line, this style would be also flattering for an oblong face.
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Liv Tyler is the first celebrity that comes to mind when I think about the long face shape. As she demonstrates, long faces are less wide than they are long, with the rounded edges that are similar to an oval around the hairline and chin. The forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width.

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