Hairstyles Ideas

Cool Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Cool Hairstyles For MenFind the latest cool hairstyles for men and cool new haircuts for guys right here. As of January 2017 there has been a growing interest in medium length men’s hairstyles, and long hairstyles for men. Medium length messy textured hairstyles and quiffs were popular closing off 2016. Fades of all types and […]

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Very Short Hairstyles For Women

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Most people think that having short hair limits the way you style it. Well, it is true that you can’t do a plump chignon out of it or make Victorian braids with a pixie haircut, but there’s something more to styling extremely short hair than just that. Plus, very short hairstyles of this generation have […]

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Simple Wedding Hairstyles

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Milkmaid Braids 1 / 21 Share Pin It Wedding Party Milkmaid braids have long been a sweet, innocent style, perfect for your wedding day. Kaitlin from Wedding Party loves milkmaid braids for bohemian and summer weddings. Separate the hair into two sections. Braid each side of the head, wrap across the head and pin. Tuck […]

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Curling Wand Hairstyles

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A curling wand is similar to a curling iron, but makes it much easier to create loose, relaxed curls and waves in your hair, no matter the length. To find out the best way to make use of this fantastic heated styling tool, check out these hair tips! Glove up! A curling wand gets very […]

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Spring Hairstyles

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The High Pony Jen Atkin, ultimate hair guru and creator of cult-favorite styling products, is a master of fuss-free, sexy hairstyles. She taught us how to do this look last year, but 2017 is when the high ponytail will make its mark. The quick and casual updo can be worn on the go with jeans […]

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Teenage Hairstyles For School

teenage hairstyles for school 1

Thinking of ways to make your school days more fashionable? Hairstyles can do the magic! With most schools having strict guidelines on dressing diligently in the dull uniforms, hairstyles can be the only way to add some charm. So today, we have brought in line some cool & cute teenage girl hairstyles for school to add a […]

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Tribal Hairstyles

tribal hairstyles 1

You’ve got an A-line cut, or a bob, or pink tips, but could you pull off one of these dos? We love these 10 traditional African hairstyles from tribal women. We kind of wish we could rock them in America. Here are 10 tribal hairstyles we wish we could pull off. kwekudee-tripdownmemorylane.blogspot.comYou’ve got an A-line cut, […]

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Cute Hairstyles For Medium Hair

cute hairstyles for medium hair 1

Confession: there was a time when I hated my hair. While I maintained a simple but effective hair care regimen, I still felt I was not taking care of it well, especially when I was pressed for time – and that’s almost all the time. The good news is, I learned not just 1 but […]

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Diy Hairstyles

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Need new hairstyles for long hair? Having long hair is definitely far from being plain and boring. In fact, your options for having a different hairstyle every day are boundless. With the help of online hair tutorials, you can now do hundreds of different DIY hairstyles all by yourself! Whatever the occasion, be it your […]

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Formal Hairstyles For Curly Hair

formal hairstyles for curly hair 1

If you’ve ever looked for curly hairstyles online, you may have noticed something funny: curly wedding hairstyles, it would seem, are not actually for girls with curly hair. Almost all of them are straight hairstyles in disguise. Which is why for so many naturally curly-haired girls, formal hairstyles can be a nightmare. First there’s the “let’s just pile […]

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