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Short Spiky Hair

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Short Spiky Hair

Short, spiky hairstyles are very popular with women because they can suit so many styles! An edgy, punky style goes brilliantly with short spiky hair, but it is also a great short haircut for older women who don’t want to keep their hair long. Even though the hair is short, there are lots of different cuts and styling methods to try, so that you can wear your short spiky hairstyle exactly as you like it. Also you can use it in summer. Short spiky style will save you to sweat in summer and give you too much time for fun. Sew your hair and go to enjoy. In this article, you will find 30 Spiky Short Haircuts to inspire you. We definitely sure, you are going to get one of them to adorn your crowning glory.
short spiky hair 1

Short Spiky Hair

Short spiky hair will set you apart from the crowd, and give you a gorgeous edgy style. It’s daring and bold, and sure to catch everyone’s eye! Short hair is also brilliantly easy to care for, and a spiky style is particularly easy to do in a hurry, so a short spiky hairstyle will hugely cut down on the time you spend on your hair every morning. For anyone who’s really busy, or just doesn’t want to waste time on their hair, a short hairstyle is very worth trying out. Spiky hair is even more minimum effort than other short styles, as shaping the spikes is very quick and easy.
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Short Spiky Hair

Some men might not have a flair for creativity, but still want a simple, yet fashionable hairstyle. Short spiky haircuts are the best way to go when you don’t know what to do with your hair. They combine a standard short hairstyle with an original twist. Since all men are different, each haircut will be absolutely special. All it takes is a little imagination. If nothing comes to mind, we are offering you a little help. We have prepared a very interesting list of the best short and spiky cuts out there. Choose the one you like best and go for it!
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Short Spiky Hair

Ethnic hair can be a bit stubborn when it comes to certain hair trends, but short spiky hairstyles tend to be an exception to the rule. If you are looking for a no-fuss style for thick hair, look no further than this bold and fun wavy-spiky pixie.
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Short Spiky Hair

There is one thing to bear in mind, however – short spiky hairstyles only work on certain types of hair. If you have very curly hair, this probably isn’t the style for you! On straight or wavy hair, however, this is great for hair of varying thicknesses and colors.
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Spikes are in style! The reason for their popularity is very simple. It doesn’t take long to make them. Men appreciate hairstyles, which are easy to create and don’t require too much hassle in the morning. The hair can be left short, while the spikes can be as long as the man wants. Short spiky hairstyles have been considered fashionable for a long time. All they take is some hair gel and creativity. While some might think that there is not much variety to this haircut, they are very wrong.
short spiky hair 6

Singer Miley Cyrus has changed her hair around a lot in the last few years, but she seems to be especially fond of this bleach-blonde crop, which works very well with her edgy style. If you want to try hair as bright blonde as Miley’s a short spiky hairstyle is a brilliant way to keep your hair healthy.
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Short female cuts can look severe if they aren’t done right, which is why many women are often hesitant to venture into a short spiky hair commitment. Work with a stylist who really takes the time to get a feel of who you are, and be sure to keep things girly enough to not lose that special softness only women can bring to a style.
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After famously shaving all of her hair off for her role in V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman experimented with a lot of short styles. A short spiky hairstyle looked absolutely beautiful on her, showing off her gorgeous delicate features.
short spiky hair 9

Normally, an extra short cut is left alone for the hair to stand naturally. However, if you add a little bit of gel and water, you can create a spiky look with a minimal hair length! It’s low maintenance and unique.
short spiky hair 10

If you much prefer an edgy look over a traditional short pixie cut, a combination of spiky hair with sheared sections is just the ticket to your new signature style. Keep strands longer in the front, gradually shortening them on the sides and shaving them close to the scalp along the ear line.
short spiky hair 11

You can sport a modern style without having to stress about reaching a level of hair perfection, thanks to the fun options spiky styles allow. For this bed head inspired ‘do, hair is cut strategically with fringe and thin layers in all the right spots.
short spiky hair 12

If you are seeking spiky hairdos for thin hair, but don’t want too much hair in your face, this is the look for you. It is conservative, easy to style and very low maintenance; a triple threat for daily wear at the office.
short spiky hair 13

There’s no denying the sex appeal and attitude of Australian model and actress Ruby Rose. Channel her signature look with this dark and messy short spiky hairstyle, long in front, paired with winged eyeliner to pull it all together.
short spiky hair 14

Keira Knightly has tried out a lot of hairstyles, and for a little while she had this short spiky hairstyle,  and experimented with different ways of styling it. She tried both messy with smooth bangs, and an all over choppy style.

Sharon is a great example of how well short spiky hairstyles work on women of all ages. She has combined her edgy style with an equally edgy dark purple-red, but occasionally smooths it into a much sleeker style for formal events, showing just how flexible this sort of cut is.
short spiky hair 16

Cutting your hair short is also a great way to remove any damage to your hair. If you want to try extreme dye colors, especially platinum blonde, cutting your hair short will help to minimize the damage, as you can keep your hair nicely trimmed without the ends beginning to break off.
short spiky hair 17

Now dry your hair the rest of the way with a hairdryer. Lift the spikes upwards as you go, directing the hot air towards your roots so that you get raised and voluminous hair. Once your hair is dry, take a little hair wax and use it to mold the hair into firm spikes. Be careful not to use too much wax, or you’ll end up weighing the hair down!
short spiky hair 18

Short shag cuts are the perfect way to show your casual and trendy approach to life.  They are an excellent way to get control of thick, wiry hair and give the ultimate in wash and go hair maintenance.  Shags can be styled in two very different ways, too, with the layers smooth and elegant or roughly dried to produce short spikey hairstyles for women with loads of fashion flair!
short spiky hair 19

A short layered haircut can still be adorably feminine, as is shown in the below style that gives direction to thick hair. Using a quality gel, finger comb your strands into your selected angle after hair is towel dried.
short spiky hair 20

Short, simple, fringed hair is the right choice for girls that are too busy with their school or careers to worry too much about good-looking hair. Layer color to make this boyish cut a bit more interesting, or pair it with bold accessories.
short spiky hair 21

This haircut is perfect for men, who want spikes, but don’t want them to stand out too much. Your classy hairstyle can easily be turned into very short fashionable spikes, if you add some hair gel on top and run your fingers through your hair upward.
short spiky hair 22

Women of all ages can easily sport this curly, cropped style that uses a creative fusion of blonde and grey to erase years of age from hair strands. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, go for a throwback perm or pin curl your hair overnight to achieve these cute waves.
short spiky hair 23

Firstly, this is because with so little excess hair, the focus is completely on your facial features. You might even feel a little exposed when you first cut off your hair, but enjoy the chance to show off your beautiful face! Your eyes in particular will be much more visible and obvious once your hair is off your face, so pretty eyeliner and eyeshadow will make them look lovely.

Adding layers throughout a short style is an easy way to create fullness, which is very beneficial for thinner hair, especially in women over 50. The point cut layers provide versatility because you can spike them when you want a casual look or smooth them down to look more sophisticated.

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